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Practce Session Class: Integrative Cupping 4CE Hours-Live

This class is designed for people who want more from cupping. Many of us take classes or webinars that have a ton of great information, but want more time, more practice, and more personal instruction after the class is over. Maybe there are some lingering questions or something that has come up in a session that you want to be able to talk about. This is a fun and dynamic class that will give you more time with cupping!! In this hands-on class, students will practice cupping and receive feedback. Students will be coached and supported, working to foster individual creative cupping skills. As learning opportunities arise and different issues are presented, mini-demos and lessons will take place throughout this live class. This masterclass is a safe space to practice cupping, try new techniques, and develop your skills. This Practice session class is also a time to build our cupping community. It’s a class to have fun, relax, and enjoy time with other cupping colleagues. So please bring business cards and let’s build a network. Regardless if you have just started cupping or have been cupping for a while, all skill levels are welcome to attend! This is a safe space for collaborative ideas and learning, not egos. 

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Monday to Saturday: 9:30am-5:00pm PST


Your best bet is to stay right at the hotel where the class is taught. We set up room blocks for our students at Lowest prices possible. For the Lowest room rate use our hotel link or when calling, ask the front desk about these rates. If they say they don’t know about these rates, tell them to forward you to the sales office. 


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