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Dr. Christopher Jordan D.C. has put together a concise and affordable continuing education program that will give you the knowledge and ability to incorporate manual lymphatic drainage into your massage practice immediately. This class is geared specifically to the massage professional and deals strictly with manual lymphatic drainage. You will leave the class with potent skills in the field of manual lymphatic drainage. Even deep tissue work can be made more effective and easier on the massage therapist. This course does not include wrapping or wound care.

The Advanced Level Course is designed for the massage therapist working with post-surgical clients, with and without node removal, and with clients with Lymphedema. A foundational level of lymphatic drainage training is a prerequisite to taking this course. The practitioner MUST have knowledge of the lymphatic drainage system and hands-on practice using this technique before taking this class. Practitioners are required to complete our Lymphatic Drainage Course before taking this course to be well prepared for this instruction. In the Advanced session, the student will learn to apply the basic techniques to decongest fascia and work on post-op clients, including post-op Liposuction, Lymphedema, and more.

Lymphatic Drainage Course Description

This course is designed for massage therapists who work with general detoxification, stimulating the immune system, and general inflammation.  

  • The instructor will provide you with a thorough yet easy-to-understand overview of the lymphatic system.
  • You will observe, learn and practice specific lymphatic drainage procedures for the face and neck, upper and lower body supine, both prone and supine.
  • You will have an opportunity to practice this treatment hands-on and trade with a partner so that you will receive this service as well. 
  • This class will include a brief introduction to phototherapy to reduce inflammation.


Both the Lymphatic Drainage class and the Advanced Lymphatic Drainage class offer 18 live, hands-on, massage therapy continuing education contact hours for a total of 36 hours when the entire program is completed. 

Who is the intended audience for this class?

This course is explicitly offered as continuing education for massage therapists. It is assumed that you have 500 hours or more of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, contraindications, and massage technique.

Health care professionals licensed to provide touch, such as RN, CN, CNAs, PTs, PTA, DC, etc., can attend this course. Please check with your licensing board to see if you can self-report CE’s for this class. Please confirm that the board that provision falls within your scope of practice with your state.

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Monday to Saturday: 9:30am-5:00pm PST


Your best bet is to stay right at the hotel where the class is taught. We set up room blocks for our students at Lowest prices possible. For the Lowest room rate use our hotel link or when calling, ask the front desk about these rates. If they say they don’t know about these rates, tell them to forward you to the sales office. 


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