Damon D’amato

ATA Massages Practitioner & Instructor

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He is a Nationally recognized mindfulness speaker, performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has applied his innovative methods to living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. He is an author and fitness lifestyle specialist dedicated to helping people achieve their peak performance by realizing that human optimization is possible through the power of the breath, movement and the science of food healing nutrition.

Deeply rooted in eastern philosophy, D’amato uses time-honored practices fused with cutting-edge science to facilitate impactful experiences uniquely crafted for each group or individual.

  • CEO’s, corporate executives & entrepreneurs
  • Top performers & athletes
  • Veterans and first responders, especially those affected by PTSD related issues
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their health, well-being & lifestyle

Challenge yourself with a comprehensive full mind-body practice through Flow Activation’s dynamic experiences, programs and events. Curriculums are designed to activate and stimulate growth in all aspects of work, life and play. Segments include daily regimen design, efficient work execution strategies & how to close the gap on financial output and reap the benefits of the 7 Streams to 7 Figures for a life of abundance, wealth and happiness.

This is done simply by committing to deliver not only to yourself but by knowing what is your why? Knowing what it is that you want… and what it is you will not tolerate in your life anymore. We reinforce this through the practice of performance breathing, energy awareness and grounding, Qi-Force body design, scientifically based food healing strategies and so much more.

Damon is also the owner of The Healing Sanctuary which is a premium transitional and sober living care establishment for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. This includes those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Our programs are designed to help people transition from the rehab environment (or their home) to a supportive tranquil, stress-free sober living setting. Treating the whole person by paying close attention to evidence-based knowledge is key for long-term recovery. What makes the Healing Sanctuary different is our special attention to the power of food healing.

Mr. D’amato is the Founder of Qi United, a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 based out of Nevada. His focus is working with Veterans and 1st responders deeply affected by harsh PTSD-related issues. He shares how to help those who understand the feelings that elicit fear, stress, anxiety, anger & depression by using the breath in the most comprehensive way to battle negative emotions and take back control of your life. Qi United is a community partner with the Nevada Veterans Administration. He also mentors those going through Veterans court. This is a specialized system designed for Veterans who do not assimilate well once transitioning back into civilian life. Damon also has an aftercare program for those with opioid and drug addiction transitioning into sober living. This is a rewiring of habit loops that have been greatly successful and integrated at the Holistic House.

Mr. D’amato has created a strong relationship with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. After the 10/1 tragedy, he created a program to destress with focused breathing techniques at Police Headquarters. Damon says, “Working with law enforcement has been an incredible and rewarding experience!” Mr. D’amato was the keynote speaker for the 6-month anniversary of the Route 91 tragedy. He was able to share how to ease into emotional recovery by the use of Qi gong and effective breathwork. His goal is to continue to expose the healing value of this art and share it with as many people as possible. He has aligned with Teach for America and has introduced it into their program at participating elementary schools in the Las Vegas Valley beginning in 2019.

Mr. D’amato has also had the good fortune to interview over 600 successful men and women in more than 70 professions on what makes them tick and how they sustain lasting success, abundance, and happiness. He’s published three books on this topic which received numerous awards. He found it interesting that their answers only had a few things in common. However, there was one major thread that just about all of them shared. It’s what Timothy Leary called, the here and now or the practice of “Mindfulness!” We share these techniques daily and put them into practice along with a meditational routine and a physical workout created by Mr. D’amato titled, “Qi-Force.”

Since 2015 he has been touring across America speaking at seminars & lecturing on the topic of (Qi) energy & getting into a FLOW state and overcoming addiction. He’s had the opportunity to share this with thousands of people!

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