AQUATIC BODYWORK Practitioner Program Course: AQT® Aquatic Bodywork Advanced assessment & clinical applications NCBTMB


50 CEs Aug 28 -Sept 1 2022 8am-5pm

Take your work to the next level active exercise, passive float, active assist with ascension and following unwinding into new more productive movement patterns.

AQT® Advanced Aquatic Bodywork Professional Applications now focuses on alignment, expansion, ascension, tracking and following the unwinding of the body into more productive relationship with itself that carries into daily life. The class shares many tools and concepts to utilize with the client in the session and additional tools for the client to use as homework to maintain the progress they are making in their health and wellness.  Awareness gives choice for practicing a new way of being in daily life.  Class is experiential rather than protocol. You learn to ask open-ended questions and find the intuitive solutions that are there all along.  Whether you are already working in the water or completing your certification program this is your best next class. Zero gravity alters time and space. Awareness is heightened. Awareness gives choice. Alignment, expansion, mobilization, organization are some of the most productive ways to assess and address the clients inherent body wisdom in any session. Finding unwinding and ascension take your work to the next level. This class introduces mini-series of techniques to draw from to best meet your clients’ needs when assessing and address during the session for the most productive outcome.

STILL BASE begins with the breath. Get out of our own way. Connect with someone else staying open to their experience of the stillness and movement of the breath.  Become aware of all the other levels of connection the body offers you to follow its inherent wisdom. Subtle weight shift magnifies sensations.

Once we have found stillness and the movement of the breath with productive alignment, we will discover how to use the water to facilitate effortless movement of our partner and to transition between different positions of support for mobilization, organization and integration.

ADAPTIVE TOOLS provide additional care for specific body needs giving precise support or stabilization of the neck or body compensating for challenging body sizes or physical limitations allowing floating, stretching and maneuvering effortlessly in the water.

TRAVELING BASE adds more 3-dimensional freedom of movement including frequent positioning of the partner on their side to evoke the deeper relaxation of the dive reflex while still remaining breathing comfortably above the water.  The natural waves and spirals movement emphasizes the sensation of water flowing past the body releases holding patterns.

MINI SERIES OF TECHNIQUES TO ASSESS AND ADDRESS REBALANCING the movement and function of the mind body and spirit as a whole self-aware being. Unwinding and Ascension are key new elements to utilize for the most productive session.

This class is mostly experiential hands-on exploration in the water with strong theory base to support your own discoveries. 

Learning Outcomes:

During the course students will asses and address the alignment, mobilization, expansion and organization for the most productive sessions. Unwinding and Ascension are key new elements to utilize for the most productive session.

*Study and expand on the basic and intermediate principles and concepts of Aquatic Bodywork while addressing the inherent wisdom of the body mind and spirit.

*Focus on the proper neutral alignment of the giver and the receiver in each exercise.

*Learn multiple assessment approaches to the body and availability of movement in unwinding and ascension.

*Learn transitions from one place of support to another while moving or following a body through the water.

*Be able to educate their clients by using simple alignment exercises and weight change and body awareness exercises. 

*Will be able to safely float and transition a body through the water for deeper relaxation and organization then is available in gravity.

*Will assess and address utilizing tools based on the inherent wisdom of the clients body.


Learning Environment


*The main teaching methods will be experiential exercises in the water as well as supporting discussions.  The objective is listening and following the body of the client rather than doing or fixing anything.  Through this experience the ultimate innate wisdom of healing energy of the human body and respecting the natural process of awareness and healing is the ultimate goal. 

The course content is supported with digital handouts.

Prerequisites: AQUATERNATIVES® Foundation


Heightened Awareness

More Clear Subtle Boundaries Between Practitioner and Client

Productive Movement for Both Practitioner and Client

Ability to asses utilize positions and techniques to address the Client for the most productive outcome


Mary Theresa Thomas “Theri”
is registered with the California Massage Therapy Council State of CA Massage Therapist Holistic Health Practitioner, License #37460; Continuing Education Provider for the NCBTMB, provider #451090-09 

We want you to read all handouts before class and return registration questionnaire and class acknowledgement form to instructor before class begins. 

Class Requirements:

Please bring towel, robe, easy change layered loose clothing, a jacket, pen and paper

NCBTMB CES awarded: 50

Approved Provider

NCBTMB category other

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Monday to Saturday: 9:30am-5:00pm PST

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